It was with pleasure that HON EHIOZUWA JOHNSON AGBONAYINMA (E.J), member of the House Of Representatives of the Federal Republic of Nigeria representing the good people of Egor/Ikpoba-Okha Federal Constituency of Edo State invited family and friends across the political divide to the wedding ceremony of his beloved daughter Deborah Ighiyiwisi Agbonayinma and Micheal Abengowe.

The traditional wedding held on the 6th of April at the residence of the father of the bride. The traditional wedding was a beautiful display of the rich cultural heritage of Benin as the process and sequence for giving away ones daughter in marriage was followed to the letter. Kolanuts, drinks, prayers, et al, were all offered. The host and father of the bride beamed with smile as the ceremony progressed. Soon after the bride handed over to the groom by his Father, a reception was held in the expansive, well decorate garden in the residence of Hon EJ. The guests present were the la crème de la crème of the Edo state. Former governors, serving and ex senators, members of the house of representatives, state house of assembly, political bigwigs, captains of industry to mention a few.


The Holy matrimony, white wedding, took place on the 7th of April at the St. Maria Goretti Catholic Church, Dumez road, in Benin City. It was another well chronograghed event officiated by Father Palmer.


Reception took place at the prestigious Esteem Event Center in GRA.


Mr Micheal Abengowe talks about his beautiful and lovely wife:

“…I believe I will live happy everafter with the wife of my youth”

Micheal’s Story…

“14/10/2011 here is the date i will always llive to remember.


The very day I found my true friend who later metamorphosed to a wife of my youth. I met Deborah during my NYSC in LAGOS STATE. I wouldn’t want to tell the long story of how we met, but believe me, it was a divine connection and amazing. But I will rather give a brief acronym of the word “WIFE”!

W: WISE- Debby is a wise woman like Abigail. She advices her husband about many things that will affect their future, family, children, finances positively. She look into the future and not the present.
I: INDUSTRIOUS – Debby is a hardworking person. She’s always willing to work and support her husband. She will never allow her husband to shoulder all the family load alone, but try as much as possible to give a helping hand. Debby is not a consumer but a contributor. She is not lazy and do not require the supervision of their husband before cleaning, cooking or washing.
F: FAITHFUL- she’s a faithful partner, she love her husband and only him. She loves her husband both in good and in bad time. She will never share her self secretly or privately with other men at workplace or church behind her husband.
E: ENDURE – Debby is a gift from God and what makes her stand out is he ability to stick to her husband till the end. She came into this marriage to love me irrespective of what comes my way and she’s willing to stand with her husband to face the odds of life. She doesn’t care about my beginning, she is only interested in my vision and where i am going in life. Because she knows that right men have visions.
In conclusion, if you are a man and find such a woman, never let her go.
WOMEN are born but a WIFE is a GIFT from GOD.
I believe I will live happy ever after with the wife of my youth.”





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