Edo PDP tells Obaseki to give hope and direction to Edo People.


April 2, 2020


… You are to give hope and direction, Obaseki advised

APC aspirants urged to stop playing politics with Corona Virus

Edo is in a precarious state. Despite the danger, despite the signs, Edo state government’s effort to fight the dreaded Corona Virus can at best be described as lethargic. The attitude displayed by top government officials and its party members does not reflect the sign of the times. It must change.

Governor Obaseki has not demonstrated expected visibility, to give hope and direction as well as douse public apprehension, particularly at this time when the public space is awash with uncertainties.

Edo State government and members of its party APC, have not shown leadership in the fight of this unseen but dreaded enemy. Instead, we see them in what seems like a cat-walk competition on a runway, like bulimic models seeking for attention and approval from hapless, demoralized and “conquered” Edo citizens. They are endangering the populace!

Unfortunately, Governor Obaseki with his renegade APC governorship aspirants are only interested in the Edo 2020 elections. That is the Virus that interests them and has infected them. This virus has so ravaged the thinking faculty of APC members, to the extent that the only thing that matters to them is who gets the (APC) ticket and who sends the name to INEC.

Edo PDP advices them, at this time, to shun political scheming and scoring cheap political points, and join hands to fight this scourge. Edo PDP members are directed to make their contributions and donations directly to the state government and/or NCDC.

Edo PDP expresses optimism that despite such manifest collective leadership failure at this critical time from the APC and its government, we are confident that we shall overcome this Convid-19 challenge.

We call on the resilient Edo populace not to be overcome by fear and anxiety but to remain heedful to the health and safety directives, personal hygiene and social distancing regulations as well as extend charity to one another, while also praying for divine intervention at this perilous time.

We know that lots of things are changing right now. But what hasn’t changed is our commitment to serving you!


Chris Osa Nehikhare


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