REPORT: A brazen case of suppression and injustice in Edo State House of Assembly.

His Excellency,
Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki,
Executive Governor of Edo State,
Government House, Benin City.A brazen case of suppression and injustice in Edo State House of Assembly. AN SOS by the
Benin National Congress.Without much ado, we like to inform Mr. Governor of a perfectly orchestrated plot by the Speaker of Edo State House of Assembly and his Edo North cabal to frustrate Hon. Godwin Adenomo – whose mandate by his Ovia South West constituency was revalidated at the Supreme Court; and consequently expected to his sitting allowances and other official entitlements. But as we write, Hon. Godwin Adenomo is not only ostracized from performing his oversight functions; as well as management meetings of the Assembly. It is unheard of that almost ten months after Supreme Court authenticated Hon. Godwin Adenomo’s mandate of the House of Assembly on behalf of the Ovia South West he has not been given an official car, 28 days hotel allowance, furniture allowance and other pecks of office which are his basic entitlements.As a bridge builder, we are constrained to draw your attention to the extreme nepotistic atrocities of a civil service cabal in Edo State House of Assembly who have been acting in ways reminiscent of anti-Benins; and if appropriate care is not taken, the Benins might resort to a free for all fight with the well-known Edo North employment and promotion mercenaries, and this might widen the already glaring disunity between Afemai, Owans, Akoko-Edo and the Benins in Edo State.In 2018, the erstwhile Hon. Speaker Garuba Zakawanu in favor of his kinsmen, Alh. Omogbai Yahya Audu, and Kassim Muhammed (later dismissed from service) upgraded them from Grade levels 10-14 in contravention of the civil service rules and regulations. Mrs. Gina Enosegbe of Edo Central extraction also benefitted from the irregularity.
Hon. Garuba Zakawanu Garuba leveraged on a similar illegality perpetrated by his predecessors in office – Hon. Matthew Egbadon who elevated his crony and kisman Mr. Pius Aikhuemenlo from Grade Level 09-12, subsequently, from 12-16 and made Director, Admin and Finance before finally positioning him as Executive Secretary to the EDHA Service Commission, a position he has held unmeritorious for 10 years now.
Invariably, Alh. Omogbai Yahya Audu, de novo was catapulted from Grade Level 14-15 then 16 and made Director, Library and Archives which he earlier declined before his posting to the Admin. and personnel Department as Director. His controversial movement to Grade level 17 incurred the wrath of the Head of Service, Edo State who ignored or out rightly refused to implement the illegality.As if the scenario was not bad enough, the current Speaker, Hon. Kabiru  Adjoto using the P.O.C. recently elevated the same Omogbai Audu to the position of Ag. Deputy Clerk of the House in April 2018 when the subsisting Clerk, Mr. James Omoataman finally proceeded on permanent leave. Mr. James Omoatama (Esan North-East) is himself a beneficiary of the illegality under the sponsorship of Chief Tony Anenih ‘Mr. Fix It’. The Deputy Governor Hon. Phillip Shaibu is allegedly behind the pushing of Edo North officers to senior management positions in the House regardless of whether qualified or not. The game plan is to have his kinsmen occupy the senior management positions over a long period of time.Other beneficiaries of the illegality includes inter alia: Mrs. Maria Aliu (wife of the late Hon. Peter Aliu) who was moved from level 13-16 and then 17 and made Director, Library and Archives. Regrettably, the authority hides under the guise of geographical spread to perpetrate the atrocity. In reality, geographical spread is only relevant at point of entry and not the point of promotion. Some officers from Edo State of North and Central senatorial extraction, who came to the Edo State House of Assembly in 1999 on secondment, ran back to their various ministries and extra ministerial department where they have since become permanent secretaries and Directors.
The implication of elevating a junior officer over and above his superiors is evil and will put a blockade on the way of his superiors who will never be able to actualize their full potentials. It will also enthrone mediocrity on the altar of public service which ought to be meritocracy driven. The recent elevation of one Joy Abubakar, grade levels 16 in the department is to say the least unfortunate. A protest from one of the superior officers in the department to the office of the Head of Service, Edo State caused him compulsory retirement from service even though he had over six years to go.It took the intervention of some well-meaning personalities in the society for Hon. Adjoto to commute the compulsory retirement to suspension for one month without pay. Such is the intimidation and injustice under the current leadership of Edo State House of Assembly. Notwithstanding, Civil Service is governed by rules and regulations which are not subjected to any political considerations. The elevation of officers from grade levels 1-17 in the Service is strictly based on seniority and merit and not P.O.C. decisions. This practice is obtainable in saner service and House of Assembly throughout the federation.
In the light of the above infractions, we call on all well-meaning stakeholders to call these ethnic apologists to order and bring the Assembly to the path of sanity and rectitude.

The present situation where Edo North has 5 Directors to Edo South’s 3 and Edo Central’s 2 is unfortunate, regrettable, and very dangerous precedent in our Civil service. It is also pertinent to mention that the presently constituted House of Assembly Service Commission with Edo North as Chairman, and three representatives all together, while Edo South has 2 and Edo Central 2 contrary to the status quo ante from inception of the commission were Edo South always had three representatives in consonance with the population distribution where Edo South has approximately 60%. This should not continue.

While counting on Mr. Governor’s capacity to redressing the plethora of injustices being melted on our people by the Edo North mafias, we like to respectfully inform Your Excellency that we have dogmatic capacity to call out the Benins for a 21 days procession in the Anthony Enahoro complex to drum this brazen assault on Benin nation to the whole world. We are not unaware of the Edo North personage behind this brazen assault on the Benins; his picture will be unveiled in our planned procession if these injustices are not redressed within twenty seven days (27) of receipt of this letter.  A stitch in time saves nine.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. David Ekomwenrenren – Director, Publicity and Intelligence..

His Royal Majesty – Ogidigan, Oba Ewuare II
All National Assembly members from Edo South
All House of Assembly members from Edo South
Public Complaints Commission, Headquarters, Abuja.


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