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July 1, 2019.

Press Statement

EDO State, Our Concerns!

  1. In the past few days a lot have been said and written about Fulani herdsmen and the emerging RUGA settlements across the nation. Some state governments like Benue have come out with a clear and unambiguous message of rejection of the unacceptable plans for the establishment of Ruga settlement in the state. 

In the midst of growing incidents of herdsmen killings in Edo state, we are shocked and bemused that Edo State government is silent on making a clear and categorical statement on RUGA settlement in the state. It is alleged and feared that the APC government of Godwin Obaseki has indeed conceded land to the federal government for a pilot program. 

Governor Obaseki must understand that our land is our heritage. He must realize that land is finite and cannot be used in exchange for political bargains and favor! 

Governor Obaseki must listen to EDO people.Listen to the cries of traumatized victims of Fulani herdsmen, widows and widowers, orphans and family members who have borrowed to pay ransom for kidnapped victims. Edo people reject Ruga settlement. 
Edo PDP demands a clear statement from the government on its position on this Ruga settlement!

  1. We are watching political events in the state with great concerns, especially the lack of cohesion in the state Assembly that is dominated by members of the APC. We urge all those concerned with the unhealthy political situation in the assembly to put aside their internal political differences and think about the greater interest of the state.The people are anxiously awaiting to see all the 24 members of the assembly go to work for those who gave them the mandate to represent them. 

We support the constitutional principles of separation of powers, checks and balances, and more importantly, the role of the legislature in a democratic government. The unending bickering in the legislature is disturbing. 

At a time other states assemblies, Benue especially, are passing resolutions and directing and supporting their governor on their rejection of RUGA Settlements, majority of our members-elect are yet to take their seats in assembly. While Rivers and Oyo states are declaring free education for all students in primary and secondary schools our state government is busy closing down institutions of learning. Arousa primary school has been closed down for almost 2 years now and there is no sign it will reopen soon!  Members who should lead the agitation for government critical intervention to ameliorate the hardships of the people are missing in action! 

  1. The new central hospital is now for high blood pressure test, radio diagnostics and dialysis. What is happening to the 200 bed hospital. There is urgent need to end the blame game and let the people have full benefits of the facilities in the hospitals. Government should let us know why they are bringing in a management consulting firm Ciuci to run the hospital. The central hospital is our state equivalent of federal government university teaching hospitals. The teaching hospitals are not managed by consulting firms. Why is Edo state government bringing in a consulting firm to manage the central hospital?

We sincerely sympathies with Edo people over the unpleasant political happenings in the state. It is indeed sad to observe that after 11 years of APC government in the state, what they bequeath to Edo people is bickering, vendetta, corruption, hate and Ruga Settlement! 

Edo people deserve more and better! 

EDO PDP… Listening to the cries of the people! 


Chief Dan Osi Orbih
Chairman, PDP
Edo State.


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