Atiku’s Emergence: APC Govs, Ministers, Emirs Shifting Support To PDP


Atiku’s Emergence: APC Govs, Ministers, Emirs Shifting Support To PDP

THE recently concluded presidential primary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) continues to generate ripples across the geo political zones of the nation creating euphoria of a likely return of PDP to power.

Checks obtained from a competent source reveal an increasing number of chieftains, ministers, Emirs and elected officials of the All Progressive Congress (APC) may have switched allegiance from President Buhari to Atiku, and may have begun seeking avenues of reaching the former vice president and current presidential flag bearer of the PDP.

The sudden switch was caused by many factors.
The crisis resulting from the mode of primaries adopted by the APC, direct as supposed to indirect primaries, contributed
immensely to the sudden shift in support for the President by his lieutenants.
What seemed an imposition by the national APC executives on the state governors to adopt the direct primaries aggravated many within ranks of the APC. Most of the APC state governors who protested the adoption remain aggrieved while many are fighting back.

In Kaduna State, the tango between the state Governor, Nasiru El Rufai and Senator Shehu Sani played out on the national scene – with the President and the National APC issuing an automatic senatorial ticket to the Senator – while the governor insisted the Senator remains suspended from the APC – and thus cannot be given a chance to return to the Senate under the APC.
But El Rufai has not threatened to switch his support, he remains aggrieved.
This is according to our source who added that El Rufai owes his political life and emergence in politics to Atiku. Atiku brought him into politics. Atiku’s emergence will tilt his support away from Buhari to his former boss, Atiku.

Many of the APC governors from the North Western region of the country were among the first group of governors to reach out to the PDP presidential flag bearer moments after his landslide victory in Port Harcourt over the weekend.
The source failed to directly name the specific governors but assured that as the election day nears the governors will gradually show themselves. The source stated that many of the same governors have had long standing relationships with Atiku dating back to his days in PDP and Action Congress.

The emergence of Atiku changed the political equation of the Northern region against the elections of 2019. Our source noted that Atiku remains arguably the most experienced politician still active on the field of play – and arguably the longest running. Over the years, he influenced
and or affected many of the present day politicians in a manner to endear lasting loyalty. Many of the elected public officials from the northern region of the country have been touched directly or indirectly by the presence of Atiku in politics. The source explains that Atiku’s long history in politic poses the greatest threat to the APC and Buhari.

The Governor of Zamfara State, Abdul-Aziz Yari Abubakar is believed to have reached out to the PDP presidential flag bearer to pledge his support. The Zamfara governor is not in the good books of the President since the eruption of the Fulani herdsmen led insurgency
in the state. The Presidency and the state governor had been engaged in a silent cold war over the handling of the insurgency. Our source revealed that Atiku’s emergence provides the necessary “window” for the state governor. The governor, it is believed, will support Atiku’s campaign.

Other regions of the North are believed to have shifted support to the PDP flag bearer. A major factor to the shift in support from Buhari to Atiku comes from the influence of the Emirs and elites within the Islamic faith who are sympathetic to the plight of the leader of the Shiites movement in Nigeria. They had pushed for the candidacy of the Sokoto State Governor, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal but Tambuwal’s unsuccessful outing partially resulted in the shift in support to Atiku – primarily from the Sultan of Sokoto, the Emir of Kano and Shiites leaders. Our source explained that the Islamic leaders have issues pleas to the respective State governors to shift their support.
It is understood the inability to curtail the spat of bloody violence in the northern regions along with the continued economic downturn and bad policies were principally the reasons behind the shift in support. President Buhari’s mistreatment of Dasuki and Zakzaky ranks as well.
In the North East, the Governor of Adamawa State, Mr. Bindow – who is suspected to harbor hidden loyalty for Alhaji Atiku Abubakar by the presidency and the APC is said to have also reached out to the PDP presidential flag bearer to congratulate him and to pledge his support.
Bindow recently won a controversial APC gubernatorial primary to his reelection
campaign. The victory came against the brother to the wife of President Buhari. Our source claims Bindow has unofficially pitched his tent to the PDP presidential flag bearer although he continues to deny his allegiance publicly.
The Minister of Labour and Employment, Senator Chris Ngige owes his political survival to Atiku. Our source pointed to Ngige as forever loyal to Atiku. It was Atiku who saved Ngige during the botched kidnap of his person while he served as the governor of Anambra
State. The kidnap was followed with an attempted forced resignation of the Governor (Ngige). It was through the quick action of the then vice president Atiku that Ngige was retained power as the governor. Shortly after the incident, Ngige left the PDP and joined Atiku at the Action Congress when Atiku contested for the Presidency in 2007. “Ngige will support Atiku”.

(source: Ripples


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