PDP: Edo State House of Assembly, Sad And Unpleasant Development.


July 17, 2019

Press Statement

Edo State House of Assembly, Sad and unpleasant development.

We are embarrassed by the ugly and unending crisis in the APC controlled Edo state House of Assembly.

This unnecessary power show is not in the interest of the state. The assembly which ought to be a House of Honourable Men is now going to be occupied by uniformed armed men.

We have always maintained that Edo State deserves better than what the APC is offering.

The poor and lamentable state of affairs in the state underscores the need to vote out the APC government in the state. A party and government that cannot manage a House of 24 persons cannot manage the state.

We call on all concerned in the assembly crisis to stop this ego trip and blame game and face the serious business of good governance in the interest of the people.

Edo State is too sophisticated to be used as political guinea pig of supremacy between party and government strength.

PDP… listening to the cries of Edo people!

Chief Dan Osi Orbih
Chairman, PDP
Edo State


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