Kaduna State Local Government Election: The Fallout!

El Rufai

A few days ago, I commented that I liked the introduction of electronic voting by Gov El Rufai of Kaduna State. I praised his initiative. I even commended his comment that he was only interested in free, fair and transparent elections. He was quoted to have said “Credible elections more important than APC victory”. We are wiser now!

After the elections, and the gathering of more information from various sources, it is now clearer that what was used in Kaduna LG election was a semi electronic system of voting. The votes were cast electronically, but the results manually entered into a result sheet. How the machines were not allowed to produce printouts of total votes cast and the allotment of votes, still beats my imagination.

The conspiracy theorist posit that the goal posts were moved when the results coming in from the field suggested that APC and governor EL Rufai were going to hand over the 23 LGs to PDP. At that point it was alleged that returning officers were recalled and instructed not to announce anymore results as captured by and in the machines.

Electronic voting as we know it, gives results of votes cast instantly as soon as it’s commanded to do so. We won’t wait 24 hours, talk less 72 hours to know results of elections.

With the way things have gone on in Kaduna state, I fear that Nigeria may never practice electronic voting. Government, especially this APC government will never partake in an exercise it cannot control.

El Rufai, the little man in Kaduna, you dropped the ball. Shame on you!


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