EDSG To Edo Markets: Support Us Or We Demolish Your Stalls.


March 3, 2019


… APC and EDSG bullying Market Women.

… Threaten to demolish market if they lose again

… Market Women forced to participate in “Apology March”

… APC hollow, wicked and devilish … PDP

… Vote PDP for quality representation and robust debates

… Wake Edo up from deep legislative slumber

As we approach the March 9, 2019 polls to elect members into the Edo state House of Assembly, Edo PDP is saddened, but not surprised, to report that the APC led state government has taken its intimidation, harassment, blackmail, connivance and contrivance to an absurd level.

Their target this time are the hardworking traders in the markets especially New Benin, Oba Market, Etinosa Market and ekiuwa market to mention a few in Benin metropolis. After financially inducing the APC “Iye-Eki”, market leaders, they deployed them to these markets to threaten, intimidate and harass.

The market women are been forced and blackmailed to join an “Apology March” to government house scheduled for Tuesday, March 5, 2019 to beg Adams Oshiomhole and Governor Obaseki for forgiveness. You will recall that all APC candidates especially President Buhari lost woefully on Saturday, February 23, 2019 presidential and national assembly polls. They are to join the Apology March and pledge loyalty to APC or they lose their stalls and in some cases markets!

Threatening a man’s means of financial survival for political compliance is reprehensible, irresponsible and condemnable. It exposes this government and its party, APC, as hollow, wicked and devilish! Just like their counterpart in Lagos they are tyrannical, despotic and anti democratic.

Edo PDP uses this opportunity to reassure the market women and traders that the APC threat is not actionable. It is a ruse! They have no powers to take your stalls talkless of demolish the market as they are boasting they would. You must stand up to the bullies. APC cannot bully Edo people! Give them a bloody nose again on March 9, 2019. Only then will they show respect to you. It is clear Edo people have rejected their policy and style as they have failed in the nearly 12 uninterrupted years they have been in government.

We sincerely appeal to you to extend same support you gave to our presidential and National Assembly candidates and vote massively for PDP House of Assembly candidates. Your support will guarantee quality representation and robust debates in the assembly. This is a golden opportunity to wake Edo state from its deep legislative slumber and make the state work again. We cannot reward and re-enforce failure !

Edo PDP…listening to the cries of Edo people.


Chris Osa Nehikhare


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