APC mini congress, risk to public health – Edo PDP


April 30, 2020

Press Statement

… APC mini congress, risk to public health.
… State government too weak and cowed to act.
… APC only interested in who gets its ticket.

The airwaves was yesterday polluted by the shenanigans that occurred at the residence of former deputy governor of Edo State, Chief Lucky Imasuen.

Edo people were bombarded by news of the near fisticuffs between members of APC loyal to their national chairman Comrade Adams Oshiomhole when they attempted to nominate their factional candidate for the position of governor.
But that is not our concern!

We are saddened that APC in total disregard to the Covid-19 rules in place to stem the spread, still gather in their hundreds without face mask, sanitizers and social distancing protocol not adhered to in a private residence to hold a congress.

With the rise in positive tests in Edo and the fatalities we have had, as key stakeholders in the existence, survival and future of our dear state, we condemn the attitude and action of the APC members and the government’s response and lack thereof.

Their behavior is in breach of the regulations put in place to stem the spread of this dreaded unseen enemy, a risk to public health and an affront to constituted authority.

Edo State government and members of its party APC, have not shown leadership in the fight of this unseen but dreaded enemy. Instead, They are endangering the populace!

Unfortunately, Governor Obaseki with his APC co-governorship aspirants are only interested in the Edo 2020 elections. That is the virus that interest them and has infected them. The only thing that matters to them is who gets the (APC) ticket.

We are however surprised that the state Covid-19 task force has turned a blind eye to this affront, but continue to harass and prosecute vulnerable citizens for trying to ilk a living for themselves and family.

Edo PDP advices them to at this time, to shun political schemings and scoring cheap political points but to join hands with all stake holders to fight this scrounge.

Edo PDP express optimism that despite such manifest collective leadership failure at this critical time from the APC and its government, we are confident that we shall overcome this Covid-19 challenge.

We call on the resilient Edo populace not to be overcome by fear and anxiety but remain heedful to the health and safety directives, personal hygiene and social distancing regulations as well as extend charity to one another, while also praying for divine intervention at this perilous time.


Chris Osa Nehikhare


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