You are cosmetic assets for press and journalistic effect…POI campaign Organization tells resignees


You are cosmetic assets for press and journalistic effect…POI campaign Organization tells resignees

Intrigues have continued to trail the resignation of some persons from the Gov Godwin Obaseki administration as a usually reliable source revealed that the leadership of the POI campaign organisation argues that the “re-signees” are not political assets to be rewarded with the huge amount of money budgeted.

The source who spoke under the condition of anonymity said that the resignees who were lured to resign after been promised huge sums of money may have to wait longer before such promises were fulfilled.

The source said that this was because the leadership of the POI campaign organisation have described the members that resigned as mere cosmetic assets for press and journalistic effect not meriting the huge amount budgeted for such.

According to the source, the campaign organisation reminded the resignees of where they were coming from and where they and urged them to be grateful to Adams Oshiomhole who found them worthy for rehabilitation and political patronage.

“They were advised to consider their resignation a sacrifice for the course”.

The source also said that the resignees who felt deceived by Oshiomhole to resign were visibly upset with the development.

“The ex-government employees were visibly upset with this new development and in a fit of anger they condemned the trickery and deception used to make them resign their appointments especially in these hard times.

“They said this was especially at a period of an almost impossible to win election considering the baggage the APC candidate is carrying.

“They demanded for respect and compassion especially as they were aware of the huge sums given to the self acclaimed “Lions and Tigers”.

The source noted that at this point, the candidate, Mr Osagie Ize-Iyamu confessed that the campaign has built its strategy around the Lions and Tigers and as such they must be fed.

He was said to have then joked that “you know that if you don’t feed lions and tigers they will feed on you”.

The source added that the resignees were informed that the lions and tigers were the ones driving the campaign as their action on election will tilt the table in their favour.

It must be noted at this point that the only strategy APC has is to unleash its Lions and Tigers on Edo people on Election Day and it is obvious now that they have budgeted a huge chunk of the billion of Naira received from Bola Tinubu and Capt Hosa Okunbo on the “feeding” of their Lions and Tigers in preparation to “moving from unit to unit and then from ward to ward and the more dangerous ones move to local governments on the day of election “. In the words of Osagie Ize-Iyamu.

The competition for recognition between the few educated supporters and the self professed Lions and Tigers, Agberos, of APC is a cause for alarm within the party as APC is now branded as an Agberos party! Some leaders expressed!


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