Our children’s EDUCATION is the closest to a silver bullet for skills acquisition and economic prosperity. – Chris Osa NehikhareHon. Commissioner for Communication and Orientation.


6th December, 2022

…We have a good story to tell…

Our children’s EDUCATION is the closest to a silver bullet for skills acquisition and economic prosperity.

According to Dr. Nelson Mandela of South Africa, “Education is the bedrock of development”.

Any developmental programme of a state which excludes or neglects the place of education is bound to fail and retrogress.

Over the years in Edo State, the Education Sector has been accorded its pride of place. As a result, private individuals have ventured into the sector.

To maintain standards in public and private schools, an effective and efficient monitoring and supervising system has been put in place.

Edo parents and citizens have been very supportive and we appreciate their commitment to a better Edo.

As a government, we will not play politics with the Education or the future of our children. They must be given the opportunity to be able to compete with their peers anywhere in the world.

Edo State is the pioneer state implementing the Federal Government of Nigeria’s Education Policy on Disarticulation.

Disarticulation is a 25 years old Education Policy. This policy converts our primary schools to basic schools. We are therefore building additional classrooms as this will lead to over 70% increase in access to basic education.

It is actually the implementation of the 6-3-3-4 system of 9 years of Basic Education then there is a choice of carrying on with academic path that leads to a university degree or going the technical route to learn skills.

One of the consequences of disarticulation is the TVET route which is Technical and Vocational Education and Training.

Edo state government will commence the establishment of 20 new TVET schools next year.

In line with TVET, we have fully disarticulated five (5) Technical Colleges (TCs) including Benin TC, Irrua TC, Afuze TC, Igarra TC and Eguaeholor TC.

Our mission is to adopt a fit for purpose approach that will provide competencies and life skills for the people of Edo State in line with labour market demands and self-employment opportunities.

A total of 186 Technical College teachers have been trained on Pedagogy and Classroom Management as at September, 2022.

For the first time in the history of Edo State, by Sept. 2022, all teachers in basic, secondary and Technical schools had undergone training.

You will agree with me that… we have a good story to tell.

Chris Osa Nehikhare
Hon. Commissioner for Communication and Orientation.


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