Oshiomhole Snubs Ogie, Shaibu in London as mission to beg the National Chairman for forgiveness fails


The Deputy Governor of Edo state, Philip Shaibu and the Secretary to the State Government, Osarodion Ogie suffered another round of humiliation in their trip to London, at the request of the jittery Godwin Obaseki, to corner the National Chairman of the APC, Adams Oshiomhole, and beg for his forgiveness.

The duo were sent as emissaries by Godwin Obaseki who now realizes that he is only a few months away from a mass rejection and defeat, in order to retrace his steps and find favour with his master once again. The plan was to hide under the guise of attending the birthday ceremony of the spouse of the National Chairman, Iara Oshiomhole, in London to gain entry and plead ceaselessly for forgiveness.

They were however shunned and turned back by Adams Oshiomhole who insisted the party was a strict family fair and required no intrusion by non-family guests.

This was one of the many failed attempts in the past few days to meet Adams Oshiomhole, especially by Osarodion Ogie and Philip Shaibu, two people who initially were against the candidacy of Godwin Obaseki and were plotting to remove him; but changed their minds upon the decision of the Governor to open the state vaults for them to plunder through illegal awards of contract and inflation of routine government costs.

They are both now at a loss and potentially considering an exit from the sinking ship of Godwin Obaseki as more and more top party leaders reject the failed Governor’s second term ambition, and treat him like a pariah.

Godwin Obaseki’s blackmail of party officials and his plan to purchase a ticket for himself through bribery, illegal contract deals and intimidation has failed thus far as officials across all levels remain resolute in their stance to oust him from office.

Perhaps in the most fatal blow, Godwin Obaseki’s own family members have publicly severed ties with him and expressed readiness to join party efforts in removing him from office. The Governor’s attempt to stage a fake one million-man solidarity march failed woefully as coordinators couldn’t deliver even after receiving millions from the Government House to do so.

The unpopularity and rejection of Godwin Obaseki swells daily and officials in his camp are quietly making plans to switch allegiance as they do not want to be victim of the impending tsunami.

Philip Shaibu and Osarodion Ogie remain in London and would likely not return until Sunday as they plan on what next to do, while junketting Europe on personal political ambition using the resources of the Edo people.


  1. Oshiomhole is now the godfather! What an irony. My people politics is to serve; not to plunder the commonwealth and toy with the electorate.

  2. My strong advice to Gov, Obaseki is to join another party ,and leave the ruling party. Edo people are in your back no matter what they a e planning to do, God will disappoint them ,


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