National Assembly Mace Saga.



For those who may not know, the National Assembly Complex is not a place you just casually stroll in as you want and pick up an item as important as the Mace. It is the 2nd Arm of Government with adequate security 24 hours. To gain access into the Complex, you will pass through one of the most time-consuming, energy-sapping, rigorous screenings available anywhere in Nigeria and a tag assigned to you after you must have provided details of which office you’re going to and a confirmation gotten from same office that you’re expected (unless you’re going to submit a letter).

For a group of thugs to have gained access into the Assembly Complex and even passed through another layer of security by the Chamber’s entrance, a high-powered Official must have granted them clearance. Someone far above Senator Omo-Agege and who can give senior police officers directives.

We all know the Senate just yesterday commenced investigations into a $462m unappropriated expenditure by the Buhari govt to purchase helicopters. The CBN Governor and Minister of Defence were alleged to have been summoned to explain why such huge amounts would be taken from the Treasury without proper approvals and paid to an unknown company in the US in the guise of purchasing helicopters.

This act of attacking a Senate that was in session and carting away it’s symbol of authority looks every inch like what was planned by the people who don’t want to be exposed. Senator Omo-Agege wouldn’t be the first Senator to be suspended and he knows invading the National Assembly with thugs won’t make his case any better. He must have been contacted to use his grouse with the Senate leadership as a guise to cover the real intent. They want to destroy the National Assembly to cover their evil. They want to plunge us into a full blown dictatorship. Please don’t take my words for it but watch how this matter will be handled by the APC government. Watch to see if the Senator and his thugs will be punished.

If you’re in Nigeria, prepare for the dramas coming up in the days and weeks ahead as the elections approach. It will be interesting and I pray none of us becomes a victim of the games ahead.


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