Fire Outbreak at Uwelu spare parts market! EDSG… misplaced priorities.


August 16, 2019


Edo state government led by governor Obaseki was very quick to visit the fire ravaged Uwelu spare parts market and as usual set up a committee to determine the cause of the fire. This clichè is the bane of the APC led government. Misplaced Priorities!

In its almost 12 years in the saddle, the APC led government has failed miserably to address the state of roads and other facilities and infrastructure in Uwelu Spare parts market but has found it convenient to visit and make promises whenever a tragedy strikes.

Edo PDP sympathies with the traders and families of those who lost valuables and were directly or indirectly affected by the inferno! This outbreak, is one too many!

Edo PDP condemns in very strong terms the lack of an efficient, well funded, equipped and trained fire brigade service. We have over the years lamented the deplorable state the APC led government has plunged the state fire service. A situation that has eroded confidence and destroyed the morale of the few brave men and woman that have remained in the service.

Instead of just setting up a committee to probe the cause of the fire, which in itself is misplaced, we suggest Governor Obaseki should also apologize to the traders in Uwelu market for his sluggish approach in revamping and reorganizing a fire service worthy in name. He should as a matter of urgency, pull up his sleeve and begin to govern and spend less time, energy and state resources in a needless battle of superiority with his Godfather.

Edo PDP will not tolerate a situation whereby governance takes a back row seat to political shenanigans. Let it be known that the behavior of the APC led government are not Politically Bailable!


Chris Osa Nehikhare


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