Covid-19: Governor Obaseki’s speech disappointing, curious and scandalous – Edo PDP


April 20, 2020

Press Statement

Covid-19: Governor Obaseki’s speech disappointing, curious and scandalous!… Failed to address pressing economic issues.

The People’s Democratic Party, (PDP) Edo State chapter has described the Sunday Covid-19 speech of Governor Obaseki as disappointing, curious and scandalous.

Edo PDP has cautioned officials of the All Progressives Congress (APC)-led State Government to stop using the deadly COVID-19 pandemic as gateway for corrupt profiteering and fleecing of the state treasury.

The party lamented the financial opacity surrounding this fight amidst the disclosure by governor Obaseki that over 1billion Naira has been expended on the fight against Covid-19 and provision of palliatives to over 50,000 vulnerable Edolites!
“…we have started distributing food items to over 50,000 vulnerable families…” The reality is that there are allegations of diversion of palliatives to vulnerable citizens which is frustrating the commitment by Edolites and other well-meaning groups in the overall effort to combat the spread of the scourge in our state.

We are saddened that Governor Obaseki again failed to show leadership and displayed total lack of touch with reality as he failed to address the issue of palliatives diversion.
It is more painful that Governor Obaseki could not address the immediate needs of SMEs and its employees or provide a trajectory that will take care of their future as the month of April draws to an end.

Business owners are going to ponder how they will meet their wage bill demand when they haven’t done any business but must make their utility payments; electricity, telephone and rent! There was no mention of plans to subsidize, assist or intervene one way or the other.

Sadly, the Unemployment catastrophe we predicted was imminent is real!

Edo PDP rejects the attempt by rogues in government circles to use the Covid-19 pandemic to fleece our treasury.

This is especially as the APC administration is reputed to be a haven of corrupt individuals, treasury looters, certificate forgers and election riggers.

We reject the humongous figures already being bandied to have been spent.

PDP… Making Edo people matter!


Chris Osa Nehikhare


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