Bandits Have Better Weapons Than Soldiers, Says Zamfara Governor.


Governor of Zamfara state, Abdulaziz Yari, has revealed that bandits are in possession of more powerful weapons than the military.

Speaking with journalists after meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari in Abuja on Tuesday, Yari explained that the bandits have over 500 AK47s in just one armoury, which is way above what the entire state security command has.

Yari noted that the government won’t honour dialogue with the bandits any longer as such moves have failed repeatedly.

“Well, I have told my people that dialogue will no longer take place during my time because I have done that three times but it did not work. This is in the sense that we know their capacity,” Yari said.

“For instance, during the first dialogue, they invited some of our team, army, DSS, police and my chief security officer as well as some traditional rulers representatives and we have seen what they have.

“They are in control of the kind of weapons that the Command In Zamfara State does not have. In one armoury alone, they have over 500 AK47, we saw it. Our people were even given the chance to take pictures.

“But when we said we will dialogue, offer amnesty, that they should surrender their arms, I can tell you till date, we did not get up to 90 AK47. So, it is a deceit. That is why I said no more dialogue during my tenure.

“During the dry season, they will look for dialogue because they know the security can get access to anywhere in the forest and they have no place to hide. But when the rainy season comes and the forest becomes thicker, they will return to their normal practice.

“That is why I said there has to be a show of force before anything else…dialogue is not needed at this point in time.”

Yari, however, said he was optimistic that the military’s weapons would surpass that of the bandits when the $1 billion approved for the federal government to fight insurgency yields fruit.

“Yes indeed. The federal government has already given procurement contracts, the inter-government transaction to the United States, China and other European countries,” he said.

“Recall that in 2018, the Nigeria Governors Forum, approved $1 billion to support the federal government’s effort in equipping the security agencies.

“We believe the equipment will soon come into the country and it is our hope that the equipment will be used so that this worrying situation that we are will become history.”



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