What Nigerians are saying about Buhari and 2019.


Fidel Albert, a Lagos based legal practitioner and a known Buharist has written this on his Facebook timeline :

I actually do believe the men in PDP, to an extent, destroyed the country in the 16 years of that party’s rule. And I use “men” advisedly. However, the question that has never been answered, or perhaps has never been asked at all, is: what of the non-pdp states, how did they fare those 16 years? were there reinvented into el-dorado then, or have they evolved into gold-paved cities today? I mean the ANPP, AD, AC, CPC, Labor Party, APGA and ACN states. Did they utilize resources shared to them any better? Did they steal any less?

Perhaps, it might just be that the narrative of corruption in Nigeria is not a PDP issue after all. If it were, Obanikoro would be in jail today. But he is not. He is in APC, which is a jail of some sort, a jail for the soul rather than the body, except that healthy doses of champaign and generous portions of chicken and caviar are served, rather than the usual measly rounds of prison broth. He was once declared wanted by this government for stealing billions. He fled into exile. Came back, joined APC, and attained Nirvana. What a miracle.

I’ve come to that inescapable conclusion that “party” is nothing, gentlemen. What is important is that the cat catches mice. I won’t be bothered if it’s a white cat or a black cat. Once it catches mice, i’ll cue under rain or shine to print my thumb on the ballot, in affirmation of his ascendency.

However, it won’t be like 2015. If you come to me claiming to be a cat that catches mice, you will show me a dead mouse with your imprint on it. No, you will not steal another cat’s kill and present it as your quarry. Then you’ll bare your claws. We’ll have to see claws to believe you are a cat. No excuses that you just had pedicure or manicure. You will show us proper, homegrown claws. Then you’ll show me your whiskers. You can’t be a cat without whiskers. Ill count them myself. Twelve on each cheek.

And then you’ll meow to my hearing. A distinct feline meow it must be. And no. Coughs will not pass for meows this time around, as it did in 2015.

In other words, you’ll be completely and properly tested by the electorate, before you are elected, not after. You see, we need men of character, of proven integrity, regardless of party. Not in the mould of Buhari, who would stretch out his hands to receive Switzerland’s refund of “Abacha’s loot”, whereas just a few years ago, he himself had denied that Abacha stole a penny from public treasury. Till date, I can’t connect the lines. Brazen doublespeak.

We don’t need a bipolar personality, who will deny allegations that he is sick, afflicted by prostrate cancer, on the eve of election, only to win and then spend the entire administration abroad treating this same sickness, using public funds. And then funny fellows with bequeathed internet connections, came up with the excellent narrative that he’d been poison with cancer. Poisoned with cancer? That story circulated for a while, with measured aggression, because the purveyors believed not one Nigerian went to school, and would swallow it hook-line-and-sinker. We are all stupid, aren’t we? And did this man not also say he would never seek treatment abroad, if elected? Aha, this promise, as with a thousand others, have been kept…in the breach.

No. We do not need a person who would insist, and even swear on oath, that he has some certificate but when sued to produce it by a young, daring lawyer, promptly proceeds to hire the very best SANs in the entire country, over 10 in number, to file objections to the Suit, preferring to argue jurisdiction rather than file a simple affidavit exhibiting the certificate or a CTC of it, in order to finally lay that issue to rest and save the face of those who innocently staked their name and blood in defense of his touted “integrity”.

Why all the fancy footwork, when a singular erect posture would have sufficed? Does integrity no longer mean rectitude?

And he also said he is a “converted democrat.” So, why is Nigeria sliding into absolute tyranny, under your watch? Why are Court orders flouted at will? Why are people arrested and detained perennially, without trial? Why are those who speak against your government hounded by security operatives?


Is this what I voted for?

Pure, unadulterated, inner-belly deceit!!

Enough of the games with Nigeria’s destiny!!!

Another Buhari cannot befall us.

In 2019.


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