Together we can- Edo PDP Chairman speaks.


Together, We can…

The peacefully conducted, just concluded Congresses of our great party, have once again re-ignited and demonstrated our passion for entrenching strong internal democracy as a catalyst for sustaining the ideals of our founding fathers. The success we recorded at the congresses, through massive participation, robust engagement and healthy conversations are some of ideals that differentiate us from other political parties in the country. This is not to say we do not have our own peculiar problems and setbacks, but our ability to collectively resolve them with a commitment to move ahead stands us out. This is a collective victory and success to all of us, as we prepare to forge ahead and regain our glory in Edo state. Let me acknowledge all the contestants for the various offices, during the State Congress. You fought gallantly and I want to assure you that the State Working Committee will engage you, going forward. Note also, that there is no victor, no vanquished.

One of our strengths in the PDP is our ability to explore and exploit internal mechanisms to resolve our problems and differences. After the Congresses, the opportunity provided by the Appeal Panel, afforded the participants the platform to seek answers to their grievances. The incentive of dialogue, constructive engagement and healthy interactions has a way of deepening democracy and building a sense of belonging in us as partners in progress. No one individual has the singular power and capacity to move the PDP dream forward without carrying everybody along. Democracy is a function of the collective. This is why we must bury our differences and help to drive the PDP narrative forward starting from this newly elected Executives that are immediately vested with the responsibility of midwifing the next gubernatorial election.

The last congresses may not have gone the way of everyone, but the outcome generally represents the aggregate interest of every committed member of the party. We may have stepped on toes as humans in the course of the campaigns, but it is our collective responsibility to move on, while we explore the beauty of dialogue to right the wrongs. As a party driven by passion to cater for the overall interest of a majority, we will continue to sustain this ideal with the purpose of ensuring that every member’s interest is protected. Political parties are known for certain ideals and it is the responsibility of the executives and members to work towards realising those objectives. As we commence this journey, here is a clarion call to all of us to forget our differences and work harmoniously to birth a new dawn in Edo state and Nigeria at large.

Let me on behalf of the party, thank the past Executives of the party for remaining steadfast during the past years in spite of deliberate provocations, tribulations and obvious frustrations, to keep the party afloat. The loyalty of members and the commitment of every one of us, is an added tonic to fire our adrenaline for a robust electoral engagement in future elections. Our performances at previous elections have spoken loudly of our popularity and acceptance by Edo people. This is why we must be united to take over the control of the state in the next gubernatorial elections on September 19, 2020. The journey to realise the full potentials of the party has to start right now, at this moment, with the new crop of committed and loyal executive members. While we are ready to build on, and sustain previous efforts, we must collectively create new strategies that would be utility-driven to confront our present challenges. It is an onerous responsibility that requires all hands to be on deck as we launch out on this objective.

This responsibility thrust upon us, is a call to service. It is a call that requires the cooperation, support, commitment, solidarity and harmony of all shades of interest and political persuasions to achieve this onerous objective. We are ready to learn from our mistakes and also use those mistakes as our source of strength as we commence this new journey. Edo belongs to PDP, and the PDP belongs to Edo. Having experimented with two administrations, we can see how much of our socio-political fabric has been broken, and how our people are being disconnected from the national realities due to internal squabbles in the ruling APC. Edo state has been in the news in the last two years for the wrong reasons and we must work assiduously as members of the PDP to reclaim our glory and restore the dignity and distinction which our dear state represents. From Edo North to Edo Central, from Edo Central to Edo South, the message must be the same. It has to be a message of hope, assurances and restoration of the ideals of our founding father. We may not have all the wisdom required to urgently restore our dignity, but we have the humility to ask Edo people to guide us as we prepare to reclaim Edo and place it on a solid pedestal to the admiration of all.

Let me thank all our leaders, National Executives of the party, members of the Board of Trustees, Lawmakers, market women, youths, the clergy, students, traditional rulers, opinion leaders, lecturers, and women organisations for the support they have accorded us thus far in this renewed attempt to reposition the party. We will be counting on your cooperation and support always as we march towards September 19 to elect a new Governor. We need to collectively rescue the state. However, it must emphasised at this juncture that the party has no preferred governorship aspirant, as the duty to elect one rests squarely on the shoulders of the delegates to the gubernatorial primaries, slated to take place between the 2nd and 27th of June 2020.

We thank everyone who contributed one way or the other to make our congresses such a huge success. The journey has just begun, but victory is ours if we remain united as we have always been, especially at this crucial time and hour of our political dispensation.

Thank you all and God Bless.
PDP… Power to the People

Dr. Tony Aziegbemi
Chairman, Edo State PDP.


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