Reflections of the Sleepless King – Obaseki is a one-time Governor- Efe Igbinovia.

Governor Godwin Obaseki

Anyone who believes Obaseki should be pitied doesn’t know the history behind his ascension to power. Everything and every man that stood in his way was annihilated for him to rise. He was unknown and unpopular and ran against a more popular, grounded and sagacious politician so, he lost the election. Yet, Oshiomhole rigged him to power against all odds. Obaseki’s hands are dirty and he can’t come to equity with that. His recent video revelation is not new a discovery to discerning minds. However, he is only portraying himself as weak and deserving of sympathy and I am sure he will get lots of it from the unsuspecting public.

Make no mistake, Obaseki knew what he was getting into. He knew Oshiomhole was high-handed and will make demands to high heavens because Oshiomhole risked everything he has to put him there. Now that he has been made governor, he is trying to be clever by half. When Oshiomhole opened Edo state vault to fund his election, why didn’t he stop Oshiomhole from such profligacy of public trust. He gladly reveled in it. Is he now singing another song having became a governor from such slush fund? it doesn’t work that way.

Obaseki could have sighted a better excuse for the fight between him and his benefactor. This won’t fly amongst politicians because we know too much, but he’s playing this card because it will fly with the public who doesn’t understand the internal workings of politics in Nigeria but what Obaseki forgot is that, his party over the years has shown that it is not the electorate that makes a governor or president but the Ogas at the top.


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