Obasanjo, Soyinka, others should enjoy their Buhari quietly.


Lere Olayinka

I can excuse 40 year old Nigerians and below for voting Buhari in 2015 because they never really experienced a General Buhari between 1984 and 1985. Unlike the likes of Obasanjo and Prof Soyinka who witnessed what Buhari turned Nigeria to within one year as Military Head of State and still supported him in 2015 just because they hated Goodluck Jonathan.

As at December 31, 1983 that Buhari truncated democracy and forced himself on Nigeria, the entire States in the Southwest, including Kwara State had TOTAL FREE EDUCATION and FREE HEALTH.

Then, the only thing my mother needed while taking me to Agbonna Comprehensive Hospital in Okemesi Ekiti were clean EMPTY BOTTLES to take free syrups.

As a student of Fabunmi Memorial Grammar School in Okemesi Ekiti then, the only item I needed to go to school were School Uniforms and DESK (because the school was new and the desks belonged to us). Textbooks and writing materials, including exercise books and mathematical sets were given to us free.

What did Buhari do when he assumed power? He cancelled the free education and free health. He introduced N20 Levy per term and many students dropped out.

Not only that, Buhari went ahead to accuse the likes of Ajasin, Bola Ige, Bisi Onabanjo, Jakande, Ambrose Ali, Bisi Akande, etc of fraud, sentencing some of them to as much as 200 years imprisonment!

Till today, I have not seen any governor that beat the records of those UPN governors who ruled the Southwest States and Edo (then Bendel).

It was under four years as governor of the old Ondo State that Ajasin established Oluwa Glass, Okitipupa Oil Palm, ROMACO in Igbemo, Ire Bricks, Ifon Ceramics, Ondo State University (now Ekiti State University), Ondo State Polytechnic, Owo (now Rufus Giwa Polytechnic) among others.

Yet, Buhari rewarded Ajasin with corruption trials.

In Lagos, there was no adequate classrooms before Jakande became governor in 1979. This prompted the operation of Primary and Secondary schools in Lagos on SHIFT basis. School “Alaaro (morning) ati Olosan (afternoon).
Jakande solved this problem within six months by building makeshift classrooms in all the schools. Lagos State University, Lagos Television, Jakande Estates (in various locations), many roads are to the credit of Jakande’s four years as governor of Lagos state.

Of importance is the Lagos Metroline network initiated by Jakande then. The Metroline project was scrapped in 1985 by Buhari and he went ahead to pay compensation to the French company that handled it. Buhari’s action cost Lagosians over $78 million then.

If Buhari had not cancelled the metroline project out of vendetta, transportation problems in Lagos would have been solved permanently.‬ The metroline project would have made life easier and changed the face of transport in Lagos.

All these were known to Obasanjo, Soyinka and others when they went on the rooftops, campaigning for Buhari in 2015.

So I ask, what has changed? Absolutely nothing!

President Muhammadu Buhari is still the same as General Muhammadu Buhari who wrecked Nigeria between 1984 and 1985.

He is still the same ethnic champion who led leaders of Arewa Consultative Forum to the Governor’s Office, Ibadan on October 13, 2001, to challenge the government of Late Lam Adesina, on its perceived unfair treatment meted to the Fulani in Oke-Ogun, Oyo state.

Buhari is still the same sectional leader, who told Lam Adesina then that; “We are here to complain about your people (Yoruba) killing our people (Fulani).”

He has never acted like a nationalist and the likes of Obasanjo and Soyinka cannot tell Nigerians that they were unaware of this before they took that selfish decision they took in 2015.

They hated Goodluck Jonathan, and translated that hatred to love for Buhari when there were other liberal minded and nationalistic Hausas and Fulanis that they could have supported to be president. After all, Yar’Adua was a Fulani man too.

Today, they are now on the same rooftops where they campaigned for Buhari to speak against him and I ask them, were they expecting Lucifer to preach the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ?

Methinks these intending WAILERS should quietly enjoy the benefits of the ants infested woods that they roofed their houses with and stop troubling the House of Wailers with their Ekun Egbere.

My name is Lere Olayinka, I am enjoying my life at the topmost part of Oke Agbonna in Okemesi Ekiti with the Irunmales. If you are tired of this NEXT KEFU, you can come and join me.


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