A top most Newspaper Editor-sitting on a befitting chair in the office of a National Newspaper in Lagos, Mr. Samuel Ajayi wrote this breakfast-open Memo to our dear President, Muhamadu Buhari.

My dear Mr. President,
Rankadede sir.

There is always this sense of excitement from your supporters whenever they hear that someone (always from the opposition) has been invited by EFCC. They go overdrive whenever figures are mentioned.

Let me make it clear: I am 100% in support of you if you go after those who were awarded contracts and collected money without working. I will be your anti-corruption ambassador if you go after service chiefs who diverted money meant for their services. I support you if you go after banks who aided money laundering. I am your man if you go after those itchy fingers at FIRS. Or those who collected defence contracts and subsidy claims and ran away. BUT YOU CAN NEVER BE MY GUY WITH THIS YOUR PROBING OF CAMPAIGN FUNDS. You know why? You are GUILTIER than those you are pursuing!

It is not only immoral, but against law of natural fairness for you who publicly announced that you borrowed money to buy your nomination form, but ran a campaign of hundred of billions of naira. Where did your money come from? Lets tell you certain things which you pretend not to know about.

* When Akin Ambode resumed as governor of Lagos State, the total money he reportedly met in ALL Lagos State bank accounts was a paltry N850m! It was the lowest in recent memory. Not that alone. Capital budget for the fiscal year had been executed up to 85%! Yet, that was just FIVE months to the year. We only saw capital spending without capital projects. If they present these facts before you, you cannot deny you don’t know where these monies went to.

*Rivers State has been complaining over almost N100b missing few months to the end of one of your minister’s tenure as governor. Invite Wike over and you will hear when!

* Each state being ruled by your party was taxed to contribute to your campaign. Depending on the strength of their treasuries. But they tried to outdo themselves. Sir, can you swear by Allah that you don’t know why many states could not pay salaries today? Ask your campaign treasurer! And also banks they took overdrafts from!

* One of your ministers today, who is seen as agents of change, actually took N1b bank loan to prosecute a second term election he lost in 2014. If you are keen at probing campaign funds, sit him down and ask how he intends to pay back. As I write this, the loan is still pending!

* There are couple of banks and oil service companies who contributed to your campaign funding too. Your EFCC has pretended as if it is not aware.

Politicians know themselves. They know how they fund campaigns. It is public funds. Contracts are inflated or outrightly not carried out. Funds are diverted. Banks play their own role. Contractors key in. On the eve of election, banks overwork themselves. From minister/commissioner down to special assistants, cash is provided for them to go and prosecute elections in their areas. These runs into billions. Is that acceptable? NO! BUT THAT WAS HOW YOUR OWN ELECTION WAS PROSECUTED TOO.

I learnt you turned the blind eye when all these were going on. You jettisoned your long held personal principle not to have anything to do with thieves. After winning election and assuming office, you wanted to pick that principle again and expect someone like me to hail you? No sir! Lailai!

Since you saw nothing wrong in people stealing to run your own campaign, you have no moral justification to go after those who equally stole to run their own campaigns too. Public funds are public funds, either in Abuja or Lagos!

Assurances of my highest regards! Say me well to the First Lady.


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