Edo PDP: Adams Oshiomhole And His Crocodile Tears.


February 17, 2019


… Complicit in postponement
… Return presidential result sheets in your possession!
… Edo has exposed you. Nigeria is too sophisticated for your shenanigans!

Former governor of Edo and now national chairman of APC is a character we know very well. He is cunning, deceitful, greedy, corrupt, talkative and desperate. Nigeria is too sophisticated for his shenanigans!

We watched his vituperation towards INEC and its chairman over the postponement of the elections. The more he spoke, the more obvious it became that Adams Oshiomhole was trying hard to hide his complicity in the sordid episode. Adams Oshiomhole is like the proverbial rat that blows air on the part of your body he is biting to deceive and soothe you as he eats your skin!

Adams Oshiomhole as we speak is in possession of the result sheets sent to Edo state. He is vehemently against elections to hold simultaneously across the country because of his desperation to prove the false narrative that Edo is APC. His fear turned to desperation when he was booed as he tried to do a road show through the streets of Benin City a few days before the original date elections were scheduled.

We call on all Nigerians to be wary of Adams Oshiomhole, he is using the cabal in the Presidency to manipulate the security agencies and the Electoral Officers in local government chapters of INEC. He has used his position as chairman of APC to intimidate the EOs, who have in turn given APC candidates and members thousand of unclaimed PVC, while denying the rightful owners their PVCs. Their plan is to use mercenaries to present t樂威壯
hese PVCs at polling units while their card reader operators ostensible appointed and approved by Adams Oshiomhole will clear the person in possession of the cards to vote. The compromised security agencies will dismiss any party agent that raises objection. Recipe for chaos!

We are using this opportunity to advise Adams Oshiomhole to retrace his steps and return all sensitive election materials with him, including result sheets, ballot papers and PVCs. Those he has distributed to his goons should be retrieved as anybody caught in possession of PVCs not his or her own will be handed over to law enforcement agents. At least that’s what we have advised our agents, party members and supporters to do.

You were governor here for eight years, we know what you are capable of and you us!

All we ask for is a peaceful, free, fair and transparent election.



Chris Osa Nehikhare



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