Do the right thing, Edo PDP tells EFCC.


Do The Right Thing!

I’m really impressed (concerned) about the quantum of cash our dear federal government has given to those they have termed “poorest of the poor”. They claim they have identified and registered over 10,600,000 persons!

The figure is so impressive that Nigerians have shown interest in the lack of transparency and opaqueness of the process of identification, registration and now disbursement. FG says they are even giving these class of people N20,000 each at this time! You do the Maths!!

Nigerians believe that they will not be asking for too much if entire week newspapers, Vanguard or/Punch, are paid to publish the names, addresses, phone numbers and amount received of all the recipients. After all, this government preaches accountability and transparency!

However, I’m at a loss as to why our dreaded but independent EFCC has not charged anyone to court for money laundering. I thought it was unlawful for cash in this unholy volume to be moved around and distributed by any individual or organization. After all, some PDP leaders in some states of the federation are in court for allegedly doing this same thing in 2014!

Our EFCC must be consistent in its application of the law. It must be blind to color, logo and symbols and deaf to all voices. That is the only way it can earn the respect of Nigerians.


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