2019 Build-up: Why Buhari can not win without nPDP – Saraki warns.

bukkysaraki - 2019 Build-up: Why Buhari can not win without nPDP - Saraki warns

Nigeria’s Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki has reacted to a comment by Kaduna state governor, Nasir El-rufai that President Muhammadu Buhari would win the 2019 elections without the nPDP if they should revolts against the president in 2019.

Saraki described the comment as ‘laughable’ while addressing delegates of the All Progressives Congress, APC. He also assured the delegates, who are majorly his followers, not to be perturbed over the ongoing issue of an alleged attempt by the police to implicate him through the transfer of a murder case involving some suspected cultists to Abuja.

“I read some people saying they don’t need us to win Kwara, hmmmm, I laugh, those who say they will win 2019 without Kwara supports are not versed in history,”he said before actually bursting into laughter and being joined by the delegates.



El-Rufai had while reacting to a petition by members of the nPDP alleging marginalisation and threatening a review of their relationship with the ruling party if their grievances were not addressed on time, argued that Buhari had always won the states under the control of the nPDP members even before they joined the legacy parties that formed the APC.

On his face-off with the police, Saraki said: “Concerning what you are hearing, don’t entertain any fear. I entertain no fear because I know that God is in control. I am not disturbed. You can see that my face is rosy. I know that God is capable of prevailing over the matter and you people are solidly behind me. So, don’t let the matter disturb you.”


He commended young members of the party who have shown commitment and consistency saying the leadership of the party had decided to give them a platform to express their qualities and warned them against a disappointing outing.

His words: “In Kwara, we’ve started a new trend and I know that everyone will soon follow us in that trend. Now all our executives at the ward levels are mainly youths and it is a new approach that will give them opportunity to test themselves and prove their worth.

Indeed the 2019 election will be a test for them, to show us that youths in Kwara can be effective leaders and I have no fear because when I was governor and gave youths the opportunity they performed well.”

Saraki had during plenary last week in a statement told his colleagues an alleged plan by police authorities to frame him up in offences allegedly committed by some suspected cult members arrested in Kwara State.


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