The deal Buhari signed in America.


China is about to enforce new tax on American agricultural products in the next few weeks and President Trump needs new markets for American farm produce before calling the bluff of China. He approached Nigeria, Brazil and Argentina to take American farm produce in exchange for security deals. Nigeria is the highest consumer of Chinese soya beans in the world; with Nigeria signing an arms deal that includes military hardware transfer, 12 Tuscanos jets, training and parts, we can cut off China and embrace USA. So thought the President and his team!

Trump clearly stated he’s not interested in Nigeria oil or any other thing but to provide new markets for American farmers that will be affected by Chinese new tariff. He is not buying anything from us; he is not investing anything in Nigeria. He only created markets for two business groups (Dangote and American farmers) represented by Presidents Trump and Buhari.

Here’s the problem:

Insecurity in Nigeria is preventing farmers from going back to their farms, therefore creating food scarcity and high cost of living in our homes. While Buhari will receive tonne of grains and other foodstuffs directly from American farmers in the next few months, crashing the food prices across the country, his decision will defeat his government’s hyped fertilizer program which encourages farmers to return to farm which in itself is a ruse – we know the havoc wrecked so far by Fulani Herdsmen invading and burning down farms across the country.

The twist to the whole charade is the inclusion of Aliko Dangote in Buhari’s entourage. You know Dangote right? The man who holds the monopoly right to import so many commodities into Nigeria without competition. No import duties and tariffs, just VIP clearance from the power that be.

The moment Buhari was signing those deals, Dangote was signing as the sole beneficiary of the importation. He is Nigeria in the deal, not Buhari who knows nothing.

Dangote gets a good deal to keep the monopoly intact, Nigeria army got their 12 fighter jets deals sorted too, Trump makes American Farmers Great Again.

What do Nigerian farmers get, HOPE?

Maiyegun General


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