My Take on the Nocturnal Inauguration of Edo State House of Assembly


Under the All Pregressives Congress, the abnormal has become normal in Edo State and in Nigeria as a whole.

Those applauding the reign of lawlessness in Edo with the nocturnal inauguration of the state House of Assembly are only looking at the crisis as an Oshiomhole/Obaseki fued.

With the greatest respect to those who think so, it is not. It’s simply proof of our lack of fidelity to the rule of law, and its processes.

What we are seeing in Edo State is a classic case of racing to the bottom of lawlessness. We should be moving forward, not backwards.

Neutrals in the conflict should be focusing on the principles of sustainability of democratic processes and the rule of law, than whether one side has triumphed over the other. That’s the only way we can demonstrate that we are democrats; and that our armour is strict and undiluted fidelity to the rule of law.

We must point out to the Edo people that they are terribly misfortuned to have empowered a group of individuals cocooned as the All Progressive Congress, who have decided to govern Edo State with the moral code of gangsters.

To rescue our state from these brigands, the people of Edo State must rise in unison to reject the All Progressive (unprogressive) Congress and ANY candidate it fields in the 2020 gubernatorial election in the state.

There’s no way Edo State can possibly make progress with gangsters.

Professor Edoba Omoregie


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