Considering your political affiliation or experience, John Mayaki came into public notice (or disdain) at the onset of the Comrade Adams Oshiomhole’s first tenure as the Governor of Edo State in 2008. 

For his rambling and rabble-rousing runs as a junior reporter with The Nation newspaper and with a specialized bent on promoting insolence and insouciant in his write-ups, Mayaki was appointed as a Senior Special Assistant (Media) to the then Governor Oshiomhole. 

Given a foothold in the pantheon of political power, he metamorphosed into a human Island of his own and jettisoned the best ethical practices of accountability; efficiency; due process; good quality and utility value and standards; prudent use of available human, financial and material resources etc. attached to his office and department and embraced in the worst form of adversary journalism and public relations.

Through his trademark “Notice Me” propagandic antics, he ran into problems with the head of the media team, Prince Kassim Afegbua and most of his colleagues. At a point, he took refuge with the office of then Secretary to the State Government (SSG), Professor Julius Ihonvbere, as an unappointed media/publicity freelancer. As he was wont to be, he almost ruined the place and tottered till the regime left the scene and installed the renegade Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki as Governor on November 12, 2016. 

Mayaki became attached to the new governor’s wife like a leech when he discovered that no media person was assigned to her to cover her activities in the early days of the successor government.

Mayaki needed relevance and a pedestal to pontificate on non-verifiable political theorems. From this point, Mayaki leap-frogged to the position of the Chief Press Secretary (CPS) to the Governor, himself. Not a few people have asked the pertinent question of “Why was John Mayaki sacked with ignominy after being offered a conciliatory demotion of the General Managership of the state newspaper, The Nigerian Observer? Since then, Mayaki went underground and sneaked abroad under the fake accusation that his life was being threatened by the Obaseki Administration and only came home during the last Yuletide to come and renew his contract as an Attack Dog. 

Like a man with a deep rooted inferiority complex, Mayaki signs off his diatribes with mumble-jumble throwing-in Oxford and Cambridge for effect. His Oxford and Cambridge certification I cannot verify, but I can attest that he finished his adult education 1st degree in the University of Benin in 2014, having not being a graduate but worked as a freelance Journalist.

There was even an allegation of certificate forgery when he attempted to contest for an official position in the state chapter of NUJ. He is presently in Abuja seeking federal attention that is forlorn by any degree!In Mayaki’s and his unregistered and undefined EPM desperation, he now resorts to quoting Niccolo Machiavelli and concludes arrogantly that his enemy should be my enemy. 

We do not have a common enemy, my enemy and Edo peoples Enemy is APC and EPM and any other alias they may go by. Your unmerited arrogance (ignorance) explains your thought that “…APC booted and continue to pummel them out of mainstream politics, Edo PDP still lacked the know-how and wisdom to unify and mount a charge of opposition and attempt to regain lost grounds…” …”if Edo PDP had any substance or political weight still left of it, why then has no one defected to the party? ” Infantile as his unverifiable theorem is, of course, ordinarily doesn’t deserve a response from me, as to respond would be tantamount to explain away a vestige of the insanity you show signs of. 

Fact remains, Edo PDP has 2 senators and 4 reps. Such a party cannot be said to be dead in Edo or dying. The larger mass of the Edo people knows where their hope and aspiration lie and which party will take them there.

Certainly not the one presently fighting on the streets in the 18 local government areas of the state. Not the one that has lost 14 house of assembly constituencies. Not the one about to lose or has lost a Governor. Not the one that has two chairmen, one suspended state chairman and the other, Acting state chairman who cannot go to the party secretariat.

Edo people know the party that is hemorrhaging!   Mayaki, as a friend, I advice you stop being a disciple of a veiled deception of a concealed godfather and trumpeting and deploying unbridled innate rascality; trademark garrulity; combativeness and calculated insolence to both old and young? Under the microscope, John Mayaki is a confused and counterfeit partyman weaned on false staple of acquiring the “dividends of democracy” by hook or crook and does not mind from which side his bread is buttered.Not one to indulge in issues-based discourse Mayaki marinates in the concoction of lies, insults and pretense.An attack dog has a master, his master is urged to call his dog to order!  

Chris Osa Nehikhare wrote this in response to John Mayaki’s Dan Orbih’s Nehikhare: when the blind leads the blind. The article had no substance as I couldn’t pick anything from it but his irritation and disappointment that PDP’s strategy of not taking sides with any of the three factions in APC has left his third of the faction, EPM, rudderless and desperate! 


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